Three Core Principles

Safety First

It is important to consider the safety of your principal when planning a retirement strategy.

Protect Your Retirement Income

During retirement, it is crucial to protect your assets. Most people are more risk-averse in their early working years. Losses are generally easier to recover from during this time. However, as you get closer to retirement, priorities may shift.  Additionally, as people age, they tend to take fewer risks. Our strategies help retirees to protect their retirement income from losses. 

Retirement Income Can Last a Lifetime

Can retirement money be tax-deferred? Your retirement income can be tax-deferred if you have the right strategy. For example, retirement income can be protected with index universal life insurance (IUL). This kind of insurance doesn’t tax its cash value. It can provide both tax-deferred income and death benefits.


Our goal is to help retirees feel confident about their retirement strategy. At Flying Eagle Financial, we help clients prevent their money from losing its value.

Our 3 Core Principles:

Safety first.

Always protect your principal.

Keep it Simple.

A good retirement strategy does not have to be complicated.


Earn a reasonable rate of return** and keep your money safe

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Creating A Safe Place for Retirement Money

Some other retirement strategies include IRAs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s. The objective is to save in the long term. You depend less on your job as you approach retirement and more on your earnings. Now your money is working for you. So, how can you ensure a steady income when you retire? 

A retirement strategy must take the safety of the principal into consideration. This is especially important if you’re depending on a certain level of income during retirement. Therefore, you need to create a secure retirement income. We can help you protect your wealth and the ones you love using Fixed Index Annuities and other life insurance products.

For many retirees, a fixed index annuity could be the ideal solution for creating a safe retirement income. An FIA protects your money even if the market is down. It also offers reasonable returns over time. Essentially, FIAs both help protect retirees’ money and earn a reasonable return**.

Tax deferral is another benefit of an FIA. An FIA has different tax implications than mutual funds or certificates of deposit (CDs). The tax on an FIA is not due until the money is withdrawn. By deferring taxes, you can accumulate wealth and have a safe place to put your retirement funds.

Options for Safe Retirement with Flying Eagle Financial

Safety comes first at Flying Eagle Financial. Keeping your retirement principles safe is important.  It’s just as important for individuals to fully understand their retirement options. Our team can help you develop a safe and effective retirement strategy. Contact us to learn more about your retirement options.

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